JBL engineers designed the JBL Studio Monitor to deliver enhanced, room- filling sound from a compatible AVR (audio/video receiver) or to watt. Sound pressure of JBL Before: After. SPEAKER SOUND PRESSURE. The sound you want to hear is the sound that was originally recorded. But there’s. Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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We are so happy with how everything works with such great ease. First and foremost, the sound is excellent. The L Classic makes plenty of bass, but the tactile quality of the sound is much reduced.

There’s more body to the sound, which I liked a lot. Worse yet, they may sell you counterfeit products. Also, please thank your careful and patient team for working with me to help understand the control system. Don’t show this again. Low-frequency transducer mm pure-pulp cone woofer FE-8 High-frequency 44429 50mm titanium diaphragm Nd-3 Ultrahigh-frequency transducer 19mm titanium diaphragm Nd Recommended amplifier power watts RMS Frequency response 40Hz — 45kHz —6dB Nominal impedance 6 ohms Sensitivity 91dB 2.

At the Harman Store the L Classic sounded more tonally saturated, more fleshed out and bolder. A UHF transducer, an improved 4249 compression driver and horn design, a new crossover network and improved internal bracing combine to give the an advantage in the naturalness, jl and detail of its sound relative to previous models.

Great Review of JBL 4429

Reggae recordings burst through theelectric guitars’ immediacy was likewise liberated by these speakers. Hearing those two singers pushing each other is a real thrill, and I never felt that way before! The L was JBL’s ultimate s rock speaker, and now it’s back and sounding better than ever. I’m in no way saying that horns sound better in every way, just that they’re more fun to listen to than box and panel speakers.


Every detail of the design and construction of this system has been directed toward a single goal: The momentum came through more completely.

I was surprised to hear that even with heavily-compressed rock recordings like Spoon’s Hot Thoughts, the music sounded better than ever.

It had more spring in its step and its energy levels were higher. If you’ve never heard what some of the better horn speakers can sound like you’re missing out. I’ll have more to say about horn speakers in different price ranges when I cover more horns instay tuned. Thank you dearly for a job well done! Their sounds were revelatory, and that’s no hype. It’s a ported design, and impedance is rated at 6 ohms.

Horn speakers have more get up and go, they not only rock out harder, they’re more expressive than other types of speakers.

The 39 by You gave us exactly what we needed! We are looking forward to working with you on our new home that we are building in Kelowna this March and in Mexico next year.

Unstoppable: JBL’s mighty 4429 and S3900 speakers

The quality and the value of the work that was completed far exceeded our expectations and we now enjoying crystal clear audio throughout our home. The best box speakers are smoother sounding, with flatter frequency 4429, punchier bass and their treble may be less aggressive than the horns I’ve heard.

The new JBL incorporates a number of important improvements over the and its successors.

Radiohead’s Amnesiac was brimming with texture over thebut switching over to the S everything got better. Drums impact and shading of dynamics are superior over the S Electric bass sounds more like the real thing over thethere’s more growl and more of everything. By contrast horn speakers’ tweeters and sometimes their midrange drivers are mounted inside a “horn.


Our deepest thank you to you and your team as you have brought our home to life! Headphones, speakers and converters: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Your service is remarkable. The S is a tower speaker with two inch pulp cone woofers, one 1. They’re horn speakers, and the more time I spend with horns the more I realize what I’m not getting from high-end box and panel speakers.

Unauthorized sources may offer product that they do not have, or that has falsified serial numbers. There’s no doubt about it, horn designs sound very different than conventional box speakers, and are commonly used in pro audio applications. I was particularly pleased with the work that was done so that I could enjoy my old vinyl albums once again. JBL’s and S challenge the norms of what we expect from high-end speakers.

Not just loud drumming, the nuance of a cymbal shimmer or the tautness of the head of a tom-tom: The and S play loud with ease, but they also excel at more sedate, late-night listening volume. I found I could play the s louder than I normally would, the high volume didn’t make me wince.

Unstoppable: JBL’s mighty and S speakers – CNET

The and S are extraordinary speakers, they can humble many far-more-expensive audiophile speakers in terms of dynamics and “feel it in your gut” realism. It’s also a ported design, and impedance is rated at nbl ohms. His expressive trumpet over the S was a huge leap in breaking the sound reality barrier! I’ve always liked the music, but the sound was opaque and hazy, now it feels more direct.