books — voters. The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan Karna’s Alter Ego by. Buy Odia Novel Yajnaseni by Pratibha ha Ray’s Yajnaseni in Odia of best seller Popular Odia Novel eni book. The story of Draupadi, one of the most fascinating characters in the Mahabharata. Strange as it may appear, Draupadi, the most accomplished heroine of the.

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Draupadi was not a biological daughter of king Jafyaseni. I cook their favorite food myself and serve it with my own hands. The fabled war scenes are all muted in the tale for women never had a place in the battlefield here. At the risk of sounding brazenly outrageous unapologeticallyI find that even someone like “Ekta Kapoor” would have done a better job at portraying at least some character of Draupadi.

I am astonished and aback because Draupadi does not even once try to counter this crappy argument. Sarala AwardMoorti Devi Award Then Arjun calmed Bhima saying, Bhim! A similar book I read and enjoyed was Palace of illusions. Boook book is Draupadi’s narration of the story from her point of view, which as I expected missed out the haughtiness she expressed in the actual Mahabarat.

A completely different perspectivegives us an idea on the pains and sufferings of one of the key characters of the epic. Besides enjoying the whole world, obtain Draupadi, too, and establish the supremacy of your prowess.


Odia Novel Jagyaseni Yajnaseni | Literature in | Pinterest | Novels, Books and Literature

Jagyasni woman who was mocked at every step for being loved by five husbands — how lonely she was, how friendless! This book changes your perspective. Touches on a subject considered bold even in modern times. But this probably is the best of the three. Main thing I didn’t like, as I had mentioned above, was un-realistic sentiments.

Nevertheless, it is a brilliant take on Jagysaeni ‘Yajnaseni’ is Draupadi’s story a translation from Oriya and tells of her spiritual love for Krishna and infatuation with Karna apart from the love for Arjun. The book sounded more like “Palace of Illusions” in many places, still the unstained relationship Draupadi shared with Krishna is very well narrated.

Reading this, reignited my interest for reading Hindi novels.

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Book Review: Yajnaseni, by Pratibha Ray

But before I get to that, here are some quotes relating to Draupadi to illustrate what Im talking about: What is the best horror book you’ve read? He owes his success to 1 strategy. Moral corruption in the character of Draupaid either in her pre-marital or post-marital life is beyond the ambit of all imagination.

The translator slowed down the phase of the story. The victim of the infamous ‘Draupadi ka Cheer-haran’, where no one, not even the great Bhishma, opened their mouths? I acknowledge that your husband [Arjuna] is brave. Her obedience and submission IE her adherence to her wifely Dharma regardless of any of the consequences is supposed to be admired.


The way she accepts how she was born to destroy the Puru clan, the way she accepts th When I saw a book on Draupadi, I was expecting to read a feminist view of Draupadi. Both my tutor and my father said that I was scholarly, Knowledge-hungry. But both books are equally engrossing and worth every bok of time spent in reading them.

Sometimes even when she was curious she chose to let her mute side win in order to not hurt people’s sentiments. He is kind to those who treat him well, and spiteful to those who denigrate or abuse him for no reason. Open Preview See a Problem? Here begins the most heinous act where Draupadi is dragged by her hair to the assembly hall, where the dice game was played, by Duhshasan as if she was a lifeless statue. But narrators of all of them have been men whether Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Krishna, Karna.