Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document The WinGridDocumentExporter™ component enables you to export your entire WinGrid™ directly into a PDF or XML. Is there any easy way of exporting all data from an UltraGrid programmatically? I have been toying with and although QTP does not error on that. I used to use the code in section one to export to excel (it was quick but it took the same format which i didnt want in excel). I then used the code.

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Please let me know if you have any further questions. Now while this in theory should work fine, on large scale I am not sure how well QTP’s DataTable will hold out for either a large number of rows expodt creating and deleting data, as I imagine for each test you’ll likely need to exportt and delete two Temporary DataTables, the one that represents the current state, and the second one read in from a file that is the control.

Do you have any useful code Ammar? Export Ultragrid to Excel.

Exporting Data from an UltraGrid. We’re sorry but this site requires JavaScript.

Modifying WinGrid’s Layout Before Exporting to a PDF Document

I missed that one in my searches. Export ultraGrid1, sheet1,0,0. GetItem 0 ‘ is an object for the first row rows. Someone can explain me how to export a simple Ultragrid to an Excel? Ho I try to call the table directly I get a error. Create a dynamic UltraGrid then export to Excel from it. But now it exports all the rows instead of the rows I infragiwtics hidden on the grid.


Export ultragrid to excel with formatting | Infragistics Forums

By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use. Now I know the kind of things Infragidtics should be using; for example, initially doing a row count on the table, which returns the number of top level parent rows.

CellExporting ‘ Change the value of the tenth cell of each row. In that case, the cloned rows will fire InitializeRow and you will be explicitly applying them to the new cloned export rows. By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use.

Show “Please find records before trying to export”, App. For further reference you can take a look into this step by step tutorial along with provided code snippets on Visual Basic and CSharp: Goodmorning, I’ve to export the grid to Excel and I googled it found this: One thing you could do is go through this code and cache any variables which are used more than utragrid.

Export Grid Data to Excel

This layout is a clone used for the export, so you can modify this layout in any way you like and it will affect the export only – it will have no effect on the on-screen grid. The Excel file always comes out empty.


I won’t go into direct code specifics, as it would be too time consuming but I can go into the basics. Count ‘ equals the number of cells rows. The indragistics overload accepts three parameters:. As far as I can see, nothing you are doing here could not be done more easily and more efficiently in the events of the UltraGridExcelExporter. I made some changes to the code and wrapped it up in a small project. Reply Verify Answer Cancel.

I have tried some exports which work fine and others which crash.

Sometimes tto can be 5 levels of parent rows before you get to any data but of course this can change as the data can be grouped by anything! In the Click event of the export initiating control, enter the following code: The UltraGridExcelExporter allows you a great deal of flexibility and customization for what gets exported to Excel.

Hristo Goshev posted over 7 years ago. Sorry about my delayed reply.