Vigano Paola, La citta elementare, collana Biblioteca di Architettura Skira n° 7, Milano, Skira Editore, Francesco Cellini, Manualetto, Roma Francesco Cellini, Manualetto, Norme tecniche, costruttive e grafiche per lo svolgimento progettuale sul tema della casa unifamiliare, Città Studi Ed.,Torino Florence: M. Cellini. Passerini Petrarch, Francesco. Letters of Old Manualetto pratico del viticultore toscano per la difesa contro la fillossera. Florence.

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The course provides the student’s preparation to the themes that deal with the architectural design as an essential component of urban regeneration “old towns” and the city. It provides contemporary design manuxletto the consolidated city.


The design simulation through interventions of small size and quantifiable, relevant daily living, work and mainly living. A preliminary acquisition of elementary knowledge, experience and experiments matured in recent decades, will help to define a project conscious of the relationship between pre-existing and new, between the block and the neighborhood and the city; In which the new can become a measuring element of the context.


The aim of the course is to disseminate technological knowledge from the systemic processes that identify a building system consisting of a technological system and an environmental system. Through this decomposition we intend to promote the knowledge of individual technical elements and to identify them, classify them and contextualize them both on newly constructed buildings and on buildings of the past.

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The cultural bases from which to start will be those dictated by the systemic logic and the system-related conception of the building.

On these themes it will be necessary to undertake thematic themes to consolidate the technological bases needed to understand the construction process; In this sense, frontal lessons will be proposed. It allows you to understand the complex design process through the analysis of some “principles of composition”; principles understood as processes to assimilate and not to repeat such acts, as established design practices.

The student is thus initiated the study of some emblematic buildings, mainly of relevance disciplinary buildings for their historical-architectural nature, morphological, environmental and compositional and technical.

To this end they are required design processing which involve the realization of three-dimensional models study, of cardboard or similar material, of appropriate dimensions and scales; models are simulation or the translation of spatial invention.


The course includes the provision of content related to the performance requirement applied to the building system. In manualetro sense, technical elements will be analyzed with different materials and with different characteristics. Finally, the design of technical elements will promote the use of both traditional and innovative materials, depending on the needs expressed by the users and the characteristics of the architectural object in which the technical element must be inserted.

The teacher will also provide the several symbolic architectures documentary material and case studies. Principi di una nuova gastronomia.

Gli Struzzi Einaudi Furiozzi — Koenig, Tecnologia delle costruzioni, Le Monnier. Francesfo Federico di SveviaSiracusa Phone: Piazza Federico di Svevia Siracusa Phone: The web can provide an immediate consultation of the assigned works. Luigi Parma, Bologna, McLean W, Silver P. Introduction to Architectural technology.