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Apr 23, Chuck rated it really liked it Shelves: The most common word this affects in this edition of Dr. I could – and do – wish for indices. The chapter on the Trinity, a subject of utmost importance, one ve misunderstood by the average church goer, and one of recent debate within evangelical circles, was probably the shortest chapter in the book and left me a bit disappointed.

Chris rated it liked dxposicion Jan 24, Waldron is stating the position of the Confession, and so is doing his job – and indeed I have no doubt that he genuinely believes that the Confession is correct.

Dr Waldron explained things very well, I especially liked his extensive treatment of chapters 29 Of Baptism31 of the state of man after death and of the resurrection of the dead and 32 Of the last judgment.

spanish-baptist confession

Books by Samuel E. The first and foremost thing that I love about this Confession is it’s high, high, high view of God’s sovereign freedom.

The actual exposition was average, lacking finesse and erudition that I have found among commentators of the Westminster documents. Want to Read saving….

A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

View all 3 comments. I do have some bones to pick with the book. Refresh and try again. And I am perfectly willing to allow him this one area of error as I perceive it, after studying the Scripture and his commentsand accept the rest of this enormously valuable book ex;osicion quibble.

Waldron states that these officers – the elders or pastors, as you may prefer to call them; the terms in Scripture are interchangeable – may delegate the authority to baptize to another person, but they retain the responsibility for exposicioon ordinance.


a Modern Exposition of The 1689 Baptist Confession

What I loved about Dr Waldron’s work is his way of explaining the Confession and going through the biblical evidence as I have been reading Grudem, I would have loved it if Dr Waldron would cite portions of the passages that he was using as proof, rather most of the time, only references were given.

Only read through parts regarding covenant theology in chapter 7 and Further, the only place Waldron mentions Federalism a more common view of covenant theology among Reformed Baptists in a lengthy footnote on page This is precisely the sort of thing that a spell checker produces in the absence of a human editor. However, in defending that position Dr. Besides t This volume is a mixed bag of helpfulness, gaps, misunderstanding, and confusion.

In the end, I found myself disappointed overall, but really appreciative of chapters 11, 12, 13, and 31, which I thought were his best work. David Steele rated it it was amazing Nov 09, It reminds me of John Calvin’s argument, in his Institutes, for infant baptism on the ground that baptism is the continuation of the covenant of circumcision, which infants received.

Jan 05, Darryl rated it it was amazing. Oct 22, Jordan rated it really liked it Shelves: But if every book in my library had as few faults as this one does, some of them would be in considerably better shape than they are now. It’s not that I’m a grammar nazi, but the quality of the work is so great that the multitude of the typos, wrong headings above pages pages, no spacing between words, wrong numeration really were the only downside, which could have been prevented.

The Confession holds, and Dr. Drake Barnhill bauttista it it was amazing Aug 03, This exposition was originally published in to mark the th anniversary of the publication of the Second London Confession, which also became known as the ‘ Baptist Confession of Faith’.


There isn’t much interaction with the Particular Baptists and their theology, or the baktista circumstances in which they were writing. This book is going expodicion go into my library in a place where I can easily reach it, for I anticipate referring to it often for many years.

An excellent presentation of historic Christian doctrine. In order to address the “practical reality de facto ” of “unsaved church members,” he provides the category of “legal basis de jure ” The head of content relates almost entirely to one topic, and I’ll confine my comments to that topic – the question of who may baptize.

At that time I was in the process of studying the Doctrines of Grace. Return to Book Page.

He writes in a direct and lucid style that will help ministers, students and laymen alike to a clear understanding of this Confession and to its relevance and application to our modern age. The purposefully dropped all mention of divorce, which allows for various views, including a permanence view of marriage which is held by some Reformed Baptists including myself.

If anyone wanted me to recommend a couple books about Reformed Christianity, this would actually be one of them. His exposition of Chapter 3 is excellent. Dr Waldron received a B. I found a lot to disagree with in chapter 25 Of Marriagewhere I felt the author went beyond the Confession and rather offered an exposition of the Westminster Confession. Waldron clearly does as well, to the view that the administration of the ordinances of the church properly belongs to the officers of the church.

There was no shortage of copyediting errors. The actual exposition was average, lacking f Disappointingly average exposition of what is otherwise a brilliant confession of faith.