: Standish (): Erastes: Books. Standish and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view . Posted by girluknow Standish is a lush, intensely romantic love story between scholarly Ambrose Standish and worldly Rafe Goshawk. Though. by Erastes A great house. A family dispossessed. A sensitive young man. A powerful landowner. An epic love that springs up between two men. Set in the.

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Standish is well written, deep, and utterly realistic in many of its themes. Ganymede served ambrosia to Zeus, so also the name of Ambrose recall this legend. I think he was my favourite character in the whole novel and I hated that view spoiler [he didn’t get the happy ending he so deserved with Ambrose hide spoiler ]. Under the lethal charm and sarcasm, Ambrose had discovered a vulnerable, desperate, lonely man.

How ironic that the one place on this earth where we were equal was Newgate” and I was genuinely emotionally involved in the fates of the characters.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That was one scary book and I loved it! Refresh and try again. One would swear the characters had erasets too many standisg books and were over-analyzing themselves, and this in a time frame BEFORE psychology. I hate cheating and when someone means more to you than your own life I do not believe you can or have the desire to cheat.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The story revolves around the love they had but through a series of unfortunate events is lost through misinterpretation, mis-commincation, etc. He is the object and nourishment of the love of Rafe. One person found this helpful. Erastes is standisn penname of a female author who lives in Norfolk, UK. Standish is not an easy read, but I found it to be a rewarding one.


He was stronger and wiser without entirely losing his romantic heart. In this instance, I actually had to read the last few pages over again twice, and I was still left scratching my head and saying, “Wait?

Jealousy and doubt cause separation, but the greater force of their love eventually brings them back into contact with each other. I was surprised by this book. The main character and Rafe the new master of Standish more or less don’t SlashReaders: This relationship between two men who deply love each srandish but their lack of communication, jealousy, betrayal, and secrets are their downfall.

It was told with the sort of passion necessary in good story-telling, a passion that kept me reading despite point of view problems. It’s the moments of pain stndish might be hard for some to read, especially since Standish suffers because of some of Rafe’s actions or lack thereof, so I have to say that you might want to read at your risk but personally I loved it. Erastes has been writing sinceand details of all her books and short stories can be found on her website.

Erastes (author)

The story is riveting and keeps you engaged. The author included the right amount of description and all the emotion needed to make such scenes meaningful. Ambrose Standish whose family originally owned the house becomes a tutor to Rafe’s son the current owner. This prevented me from getting as attached to the characters as I could have been. The historical bits weren’t heavy handed to distract from erastea story but at no point did I wonder what decade of which century I was in.

But, this book put a hole in my heart with its end, I have to stopped myself from the influence of this book on my emotions and mind, Its so RAW.

I especially liked his last line of dialogue; both romantic and matter-of-fact. I am not a big reader of romance novels not the regular kind, anyway so Rafe is still a fairly fresh name for me and I thought it suited the character. Feeling sympathy standsih Rafe is unexpected erastrs it is a significant facet of his character and nuance of their journey together.


I did not like the resolution of several of the characters.

Standish – Kindle edition by Erastes. Romance Kindle eBooks @

The main character and Rafe the new master of Standish more or less don’t hit it off and Rafe is all about his unrequited erasts for Ambrose. I like the way staneish character development takes them to the opposite places they were at the start of the story. Rafe has been terribly damaged by a cruel upbringing, and takes refuge from his own feelings of worthlessness and damnation in coldness and promiscuity.

A sensitive young man. Though peppered with graphic sexual descriptions, it never becomes tedious or gratuitous within the story. By the time Rafe gets back to England in order to throw money at the problem and act all noble, hot Irish highway man Fleury is on the scene.

That foreshadowing drives the plot well, though the pace moves slowly in some places. Erastes’ novel, Standish, is brilliant in the breadth, depth, and quantity of historical knowledge used to give it a textured reality, almost as if we can feel the world the characters live in. He wagers a secret bid to win and eventually possess Ambrose. The prison chp were horrible to read but Amborse and that french man somehow melted my heart and give it a light in the dark place, for Fleury with Amborse in that hell balm my heart.