The Old Republic: Revan is the third in a series of novels based on the MMORPG Star Wars: Written by Drew Karpyshyn, the novel was released on November. I Balance the Force with a Little Help From My Friends — Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn · Emily Asher-Perrin. Revan is a fictional character in the BioWare video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Revan’s story is further explored in Drew Karpyshyn’s novella Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan. The book details the events of Revan’s life after.

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Revan received the second-highest number of votes in the ToyFare Fan’s Choice Poll to determine the most requested Star Wars action figure.

Also in Star Wars: This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat I know he’s a droid but this left me emotionally devestated. I come from a family of big Star Wars fans. Additionally, the Jedi Exile can speak with several companions and non-player characters within the game to learn more about the history of Revan, and his journey into the Reban Regions. Another contrivance, I felt, was the construct that view spoiler [Revan and Malak only turned to the dark side because they were previously captured by this emperor and he somehow brain-washed them, mind-controlled them and then sent them back out into the galaxy.

I reached a point where it became difficult to track the next ones down — and I was not super inspired to do so, so I am not sure if I will continue with them or not. Two years have passed since Revan’s triumphant victory over Darth Malak in the first Knights of the Old Republic video game and he is now a hero of the republic, happily drrew to the jedi knight Bastila Shan.

Does it serve any purpose! I would give it 4.

In the end, I can’t even really recommend this book to die hard Star Wars fans. How deep of revn. Despite my newly realized problems with repuglic story and the characters, there were actually parts of the book I still really like. Revan in Star Wars: After locating Mandalore’s mask, Revan learns of Nathema from a recording he left behind that told him that Mandalore the Ultimate was approached by Sith to attack the Republic.


What fascinated me was Revan’s philosophical stance behind being a Jedi, or if you like, a grey Jedi. InLego released a Darth Revan Minifigure as a free-with-purchase promotional item from May 3 – 5.

Both stories felt very much like video games: Regardless, Revan confronts Malak at the game’s conclusion. View all 3 comments. Revab of all, in retrospect so much of the book felt like filler, lengthy exposition sequences and drawn-out descriptions.

Revan: Star Wars Legends (The Old Republic)

Although I missed the other characters even though most got mentioned. All of the Star Wars movies seem to focus on fighting Palpatine, so it was nice to see there is more to this galaxy than one antagonist. Or apparently hates them. Nov 15, Pages.

Revan – Wikipedia

Galaxy of Heroes I understand this is a setup for Bioware’s next game, and that you need to refresh people who haven’t played the older titles in years, but the author chooses the clumsiest way to do it. I don’t normally expect great literature from Star Wars books, but I do expect some authorial effort and external editing, something Revan is drea dire need of.

This does beg the question: Also by Drew Karpyshyn. Also, the ending ties in excellently with the Old Republic Video game.

Abeloth is a damn Joke! I remember more about the utter betrayal of the rest of the companions and later characters then I did about Bastila, perhaps I suck as a reader or Karpyshyn as a writer?

Revan (Star Wars: The Old Republic, #1) by Drew Karpyshyn

Revan is a complicated character and a two part film is unrealised potential for kxrpyshyn Star Wars films, no more side stories. Revan is NOT consistent at any time throughout the book in any of the areas mentioned prior. And my complaint isn’t that she is upset about her husband being gone, it’s that she never acts to find out what happened, tge foisting it on other people, as if she isn’t a powerful Jedi.


I’m think Disney has their vision but this happened during creator George Lucas’s watch, this means it is more canon compared to what Disney are doing right now. The Sith Lordsand Star Wars: But the problems here are so glaring, and the story so lackluster, that I can’t help but notice every little detail.

He who has tasted both the good and evil side of the force, seem to balance out and reject one or the other.

And if it doesn’t, allow me to elaborate. It’s at the point where you might as well just have Satan come out of Hell and start attacking the Jedi, because that’s what the Emperor basically is in this book. Oh, and remember all of those bright and sprightly companions the player had in KOTOR 2, and all the adventures they went on?

However, his plan is thwarted when the player’s character sends a communication to Republic and Imperial ships informing them of Revan’s plan and to cease fire. He displayed nothing of her power in the novel, what he did do, is made her into some Revanite fangirl that seemed to be in love with him, mixed with the power of a Padawan, which altogether butchers the person she was meant to have turned into by the end of KotOR II, a Jedi Master that had saved the Republic and rebuilt the Jedi Order through her disciples.

He already decided the genders and game endings for these characters, so why not canonize a personality as well?