If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. Document replaced. This document has been replaced by an offshore standard ( OS) in the DNV GL portfolio: DNVGL-OS-D All DNV GL service. Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D, October Page 4 – Changes. Amended October see note on front cover. DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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For the design of electrical installations, the IEC series, including corrigendum 1 to IECshould be used.

For requirements related to disconnection of risers, see Section Verification of the performance of well barriers as mentioned in the final subsection, can be based on pressure testing, testing of accessibility, response time and leakage rates, as well as observation of physical properties.

The need to qualify new technology should also oss taken into account, cf. The Machinery Regulations in Norwegian only have limited application in the petroleum activities and do not comprise seagoing vessels and mobile facilities together with machinery on board such vessels or facilities, cf.

Sections 1 and 2 of the Machinery Regulations stipulate the scope of the regulations and which equipment is covered by dnb Machinery Regulations. Storting White Paper 25 The D031 environmental policy and the state of the environment in Norway relating to reduction of emissions and discharges, litera d: Re Section 47 Electrical installations Where flammable materials are used, they should limit the spread of fire and produce little smoke, heat and toxic substances.

See also Section 5 of the Management Regulations and Section 8 of these regulations. The two maritime VHF radios with DSC should be located in separate rooms so that they cannot be made dnnv by a single incident.

For requirements related to collecting and making data available, see Section 19 of the Management Regulations.


Definitions and abbreviations set out in the Framework Regulations are not repeated in these regulations. Re Section 16 This section has been repealed Re Section 61 Supply of food and drinking water The requirement relating to protection against electric shock in the event dvn errors as mentioned in litera b, entails that quick, automatic disconnection of the power supply shall be provided when a failure arises that can lead to a dangerous flow of current for personnel that unintentionally come into contact with exposed parts of the installation.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health. As regards the design of open drainage systems, the following standards should be used in the area of health, working environment and safety: The qualification as mentioned in the second subsection, includes investigation and obtaining objective proof that the needs for a specific intended use are covered, cf.

There should be emergency lighting in those areas where personnel can be located in a hazard and accident d30. Re Section 70 Helicopter deck. Examples of conflicting requirements are; pressure definitions and system test pressure requirements.


In cases where the party responsible has chosen to apply older technical requirements for a facility, questions may arise over time as to how the technical condition of the facility compares with today’s prudent standard, cf. The requirement regarding limiting the consequences as mentioned in the second subsection, entails that relevant safety functions are activated, see Sections 3336 and The Norwegian Coastal Administration Provisions on the marking of permanently located offshore units in the petroleum industry.

To fulfil the requirements for evacuation and means of evacuation as mentioned in the first, second and third subsections, the NORSOK S standard Chapter 21 should be used, with the exception of the reference to SOLAS and national maritime requirements in Re Section 24 Vibrations Re Section 68 Exhaust dnc The requirement relating to protection against overvoltage as mentioned in litera e, means that suitable protection shall be used to safeguard against hazard and accident incidents resulting from surge caused by isolation failure, faults in voltage regulators or faults between electric circuits with varying voltage, changes in load associated with connecting and disconnecting switches, earth faults and atmospheric overvoltage.


Section 4 and 17 of the Management Regulations. Re Section 64 Turrets For facilities where no permanent manning is planned, consideration should be given to whether living quarters or emergency quarters should be built. For design of production facilities as mentioned in the first subsection, the standards NORSOK PL and L should be used in the area of health, working environment and safety.

Section 3 of the Framework Regulationsthe entry into force of new provisions will follow the Norwegian Maritime Directorate’s regulations in the areas in which Section 3 of the Framework Regulations applies.

This evaluation should include necessary closing time in relation to the risk-reducing dmv and the location of the valve. Norwegian Ndv Protection Authority. Protection as mentioned in the second subsection, means, inter alia, that the equipment shall be located in such a manner that communication is not disrupted. B Recommended practices The latest revision of the following documents applies: If such reconnection can entail a hazard, the reconnection should not take place automatically.

Facilities – Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

In order to fulfil the requirement relating to design of well control equipment as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK D standard Chapters 5 and 6 should be used. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. The standard of hygiene as mentioned in the second subsection, should dhv be maintained in cabins, day rooms, the health department and areas where food is stored, prepared and served, cf.