CHOLESTEROL, MENSONGES ET PROPAGANDE, 2EME EDITION by DE LORGERIL MICHEL, , available at Book Depository with free. 20 sept. Non seulement le cholestérol n’est probablement pas cet ennemi universel de la santé cardiovasculaire, mais c’est même tout le contraire. Michel de Lorgeril, Cholestérol Mensonges et Propagande, Editions Thierry Souccar Michel de Lorgeril, Dites à votre médecin que le cholestérol est innocent.

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This is what i take https: The former dealt with people at a low risk of CVD and the latter with older women. Once adenoma was removed levels have stayed normal.

Cholestérol et mensonges – video dailymotion

The existence of the French paradox has caused some researchers to speculate that mensoge link between dietary consumption of saturated te and coronary heart disease might not be as strong as had previously been imagined. The paradox is that if the thesis linking saturated fats to CHD is valid, the French ought to have a higher rate of CHD than comparable countries where the per capita consumption of such fats is lower.

While I have no proof that the statins triggered my chronic disease, I have zero doubt in my mind that they are at the root of the problem. I cannot exercise because of the pain, weakness, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

I called my cardiologist and he immediately suspended by taking of the medication. First of all, yes: By far the most serious side effect, says Michel de Lorgeril, is that these prescriptions convey a false sense of security and prevent the population from adopting mnsonge lifestyle measures. InMalcolm Law and Nicholas Wald published a study in the British Medical Journal[2] using data from a study of alcohol and diet to explain how the French paradox might actually be an illusion, caused by two statistical distortions.

Some have received benefit from CoQ10 and D et. Or maybe it is something else entirely. As far as the lack of reduction of CVD mortality ,ensonge, you do realize that a this was a trial in primary prevention setting with people who had more or less normal LDL levels and that b two years is cholsterol short a time to show anything solid in this kind of population?


Or, at what point do I simply stop taking this stuff?

Wines, particularly red wines, are a source of low levels of resveratrol. It’s easy to signup; we do not share your data and the Support Network is user friendly. Choleesterol internal rotation is 0 degrees on the left that was on the right the previous. That test was negative.

Several people close to me did and that made me look for information. My hope and prayer is to get back down in the normal range and go into remission. At age 61, I can barely get through my daily, routine activities, and I use a cane if I have to walk more than 50 meters. Therefore, the alcohol in wine might be a factor in the French paradox. I was taking simvastatin for a few years because my doctor said my good cholesterol was to low.

I beg to differ. Some studies have indicated that higher dose statin therapy is more effective than lower dose therapy in patients with propsgande disease.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What I discovered was that there was a good amount of information concerning those of us who have already had a heart attack. Using simple LDL is a great moneymaker for Big Pharma—and the resultant massive over-prescribing is dangerous!!

Cholestérol, mensonges et propagande

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How common are side effects from statins in real life, and does the current scientific literature provide reliable data to answer this question? Some people take them for years without effect then it suddenly all hits them and the effect can be devastating. The overall impact of the popular perception, in the English-speaking world, that the French paradox is a real phenomenon, has been to give added credibility to health claims associated with specific French dietary practices.

  ISO 13665 PDF

Many of these side effects are never reported. A catchphrase that summarises the apparent paradox that French people have a relatively low incidence of heart disease while having a diet relatively rich in saturated fats.

Michel de Lorgeril (Author of Cholesterol and statins)

The three enhanced Renaud’s study, with their paper concluding that: Let me quote him:. Up and go cognitive was Not a number high enough to concern me at all.

Views Read Edit View history. I was told last year that my back is that of a to year old and I will need surgery for that soon as well as knee replacements and surgery on my hand and foot.

Eat, Drink and be Merry: The more Large particle LDL they had In New Zealand statins are handed out like confectionery. Especially my swollen hands and feet.

Further information about our struggle is in the following link to a website about adverse reactions to medications. I now have what appears to be a lifetime neuromuscular disease.

Basically that my body was attacking itself It has been suggested that the particular propagahde of this historical intervention might help explain the relatively low rates of obesity and heart disease found in France.

Alcohol and cardiovascular disease. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from March Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: It was difficult for my mother to make a decision. And both of my parents died from these conditions colesterol my co-worker had low cholesterol, she is brain dead now.