centurian enslaved sissy maid porn-porno Galleries, Found Most Popular centurian enslaved sissy maid videos Displaying best centurian enslaved sissy maid. enslave and transform men into sissies, maids, she-males and sluts. A note from the editor of CENTURIAN PUBLISHING. Thank you for the great response. It is a publication of Centurian Publishing, Inc., and is dis- tributed by Centurian . In our last issue, Enslaved Sissies #5 we transposed the pictures on page 4.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Material in this publication is copyright by Centurian Publishing and may not be reprinted, duplicated, or centurin reproduced in any form without written consent of the publisher. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. It is the publishers belief that every adult has the right to view such material.

Any similarity between the fictional and semi-fictional persons in this publication or real places or persons is strictly coincidental. Under no circumstances are minors to be offered, possess, or purchase this publication. The depictions of bondage or piercing in this magazine convey the satisfaction that men and women experience together, when they practice bondage within the context of mutual trust and consent.

We strongly discourage readers from imitating these depictions by themselves, outside the boundaries of a loving relationship, and without an alert partner. All writings and items shown are for entertainment purposes enslaves, Centurian takes no responsibility for use of these items.

Use at your own risk. All models are of age or older-proof is on file. We’ve received lots of photos and letters which I will put in this and future issues. We get a lot of letters from readers who don’t send photos. Our artists try to depict a story with their art.

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We think it is worth it to bring you, the reader, magazines that are unique and fun to read. A lot more work goes into putting these two magazines out. Dear Jeri, My wife and I live in a very conservative neighborhood, so it can sometimes be difficult to meet other girls and guys who enjoy the same things as we do. Isssy is wonderful to see your magazine and to understand that we are not alone. My wife is a strict disciplinarian, and has also been my biggest supporter, taking me out to Hollywood once in a while to show me off.

She has taken the enclosed photos centurixn encouraged me to write to you in hopes of getting responses from others in our area who might be interested in getting together. Take care, Michelle St.

Thank you so much. It’s really a thrill to be in your wonderful magazine. Cwnturian response from your readers has been good and Siwsy heard from several who are interested availing themselves of my domestic and sossy personal services.

We were each assigned to a Mistress who we served for the entire weekend. That included sewing at afternoon teas and meals, making her bed, ironing her clothes, helping her select her wardrobe, shower and dress and attending to any of her other needs as directed.

What a truly wonderful experience. I’ve included more photos, which I hope you’ll include in a future issue, along with my name and address so other readers can contact me. That’s how it should be.


Enslaved Sissy Maid

Sincerely, Barbara Roberts RO. In our last issue, Enslaved Sissies 5 we transposed the pictures on page 4. We apologize to T. I am a Sissy White Male, 52, 5′ 7″, lbs. I want to meet other sissies like myself for dress up fun and cum. Firm believer in petticoat and diaper punishment, used a lot on me when growing up, so let’s get together and be sweet sissy sisters for life.

I am looking for a good man who will enjoy me and let me pamper him or I like to meet a nice woman who will enjoy my crossdressing. I am very serious. I have all your catalogs but saw nothing for jewelry items that I can make my sissy slave wear at all times. I created a couple drawings of what a sissy should wear when he leaves the house. Can you supply anything like this? She says if such a symbol exists, she wants it tattooed on my upper thigh, below my ruffled lace panties.

We just got the following letter and these two drawings from a reader asking if anyone could make sissy type Logos or Jewelry. Cycling had been a sport for him, and he remembered the 10 speed road bike he used to own, before he became a sissy. So you can imagine his dismay when presented with his new bike. Still it was a bike, and it excited him that he was going to get ride again.

His excitement, and spirits, were crushed, although he tried not to show it, when he was dressed in the outfit Mistress had bought for him to go riding in. He also expected the little shorts, as she always wanted him to show off his bottom. Since becoming a sissy his Mistress had always insisted he wear sissy heels, so he was so thankful that his Mistress had been thoughtful enough to buy his sneakers.

He believed her when she said she had found him the perfect sissy sneakers. Poor Leslie had almost as much trouble walking in them as did his sissy heels. The laces, tied in perfect bows, not only tasseled but had bells.

As excitedly, and bravely, as he could he said how much he’d enjoyed it, between shameful sobs. To Tom it was just a ssissy pastime. But to Monica Weathers it was how she’d become quite She id ways started off Sovdy so as not to scare the poor things.

Enslavd, she declared, was to be his fantasy name. Ralph was die only one who really loved being the feminized captive, and I never centuian to switch roles unless I felt like a litde variety. I delightedly broadened the fantasy games. I was the fed up maid who transforms her bossy employer into a TV maid. We ordered all sorts of things from your Transvestite and Transformation catalogs, and Ralph even agreed to using your feminizing creams and tablets.

Under the guise of fantasy games he had unwittingly become my real-life TV slave and sex toy. Monica was relendess and demanding. Hours spent learning to apply makeup, style her hair, learning how to walk, sit stand and speak in a feminine voice.

A Sunday session was added when she went on to the next phase. Which made Tabatha very nervous, but Monica was very firm, believing in total immersion.

By now Tabatha was like putty in her hands. During the next month feminized Ralph was started acting more girly during the day. Which didn’t go unnoticed.


Centuriann began losing clients and eventually lost his job. Naturally he was devista ted, not knowing what to do. To the rescue Monica suggest he move in with her, centuurian with a couple of stipulations. She was inviting Tabatha, not Tom, to move in. And since she would have plenty of time on her hands she would be expected to do all the housework.

Which commenced her maid training, obediance training and eventually punishment. She cried fenturian wailed the first time Monica took a hairbrush to Tabatha. She became noticeably more submissive, meek and timid. Taking her to her special beautician Tabatha nearly went into shock when, hours later, she saw herself.

She was now a blonde with sexy curly hair. Plucked eyebrows, full eye makeup, luscious, full red lips.

I made him crawl all tied up across the floor to kiss my shoes, suck sissyy high heels, and eat my pussy. I tied him to the St. All the while I kept in my fantasy character roles, and Ralph finally submitted and played his characters.

Still, I kept him down there xenturian I was certain he was actually well-cowed. I was the strict Amazon teacher who cruelly trained him in every aspect of femininity, corsetry, high heels, discipline, etc, with my various whips and stringent bondage.

She wouldn’t have to worry about doing her makeup each day as they had used a dye, although she was told it wasn’t permanent. Which was a lie, as her makeup skssy lips had been tattooed on. At home Monica was relendess. Tabatha’s heels got impossibly higher, her corsets unbearably tighter. Finally Monica decided it was time. Then, on the pretext of removing a mole from her back she unsuspectingly allowed herself to be strapped down to an operating table.

Centurlan could see the shock on Tabatha’s face when she was to be put up for sale in the next couple of days.

If you’re lucky your owner will buy you as a house pet or if you’re really lucky she may even put you in skirts and train you as a maid, she said, trying to reassure her.

Wfliich, poor Tabatha, found litde consolation in as she was led off on the leash. His shrinking cock was finally locked permanently in a FL2C Frenum chastity, and large breast implants soon followed.

At the time I cnturian it interesting that some women turned their boyfriends and husband into she- male slaves, taking possession of all their assets, having the sissy serve the wife as well their new lover. I only wanted to please him and make him happy that he crnturian me and brought me to this country. Living here denturian so many wonderful opportunities for me. I learned how to speak English fluently and began nurses training. Busy with all the studying I had, I gave in to his constant begging and began tying him up at night enslaced I studied.

He was happy as I handed them to him, telling him to put on a pair of pantyhose and a waist cincher.