Overload, Description. Export(String,OutputRange,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. Export(String,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. C1PrintDocument’s native C1DB format ExportProvider. Class, C1dExporter, Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format. Class. Represents a ComponentOne Document. Represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format.

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MarshalByRefObject HasEditableTags Checks whether the document contains any tags that can be entered or changed in the tags input dialog. The abstract base class for all image export providers. GetLifetimeService Inherited from System.

C1PrintDocument Class

Gets or sets the default page layout for the current document. Cancel Gets or sets a value indicating whether to cancel the generation of the current document. A page layout includes page settings, page headers and footers, and column definitions. Gets or sets a value indicating whether a log should be built during serialization and deserialization operations.

ComponentOne / ComponentOne Studio Forum

Not needed and not recommended if you’re using ComponentOne preview controls. Set this property to true to help debugging obscure serialization errors.

Pages Gets the collection of document’s pages. Occurs during document generation when a page has been generated and added to the Pages collection, and the next page is about to be generated. Exports the document to a disk file. If an exception occurs, that log is available in the exception data. If this property is false, calling such methods throws an exception.


How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

Pixelthis is also the resolution of ResolvedUnit pixels. If you do not want to show image, then you can display text by setting Text property. Shows the standard print dialog, allowing the user to print the current document. Begins a new line in inline flow, can be used only if c1printdocjment stacking is inline flow.

Gets the OutlineNodeCollection representing the collection of OutlineNode objects of the current document.

We will also set VisibilityReasonHandler properties of the sxport. The save format defaults to C1DocumentFormatEnum. Now gets the description of the first element in the Warnings collection, or an empty string if there are no warnings.

AcceptButton property set to true. MeasurementDevice Gets or sets the type of device used to provide System.

Export C1PrintDocument to PDF with Digital Signature

Allows to provide progress indication and the ability to cancel generation to the user. Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1MDX format.

The default value is StackingRulesEnum. Gets the CompatibilityOptions object which determines compatibility with previous versions of C1PrintDocument. Gets or sets the script that is executed when the current document starts generating. Renders a horizontal line with the specified width, starting at the left of the page, into the block flow of the current document. Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format.


CreationMode Gets the document creation mode. Occurs when the BusyState property value has changed. By default using the Windows mode and includes the hash of PDF file in the signature.

You may change the properties on CurrentPageLayout programmatically. ImageExporter Represents an object that can be used to export a document to a sequence of images. Generates the current document, using the RefreshModeEnum. The persistense format C1DocumentFormatEnum.

Returns -1 if document in not generating state. DocumentFormatVersion Gets a string representing the version of the document persistence format supported by the current assembly.

Reflow Reflows the current document. Gets or sets the script c1rintdocument is executed when the current document has finished generating. Gets the main root Style of the current document.

Occurs when the document needs to be generated.