The Bahtinov Mask is a very elegant solution to one of the biggest problems that Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you. Make Your Own Bahtinov Focusing Mask: A Bahtinov Mask will help focus your telescope or camera lens on Step 4: Cut a Mask Template on the Vinyl Cutter. High Quality Aluminum Bahtinov mask. The Bahtinov mask achieves perfect focus in seconds. The Bahtinov Mask was invented by Pavel Bahtinov from Russia. Click Here for a printable order form. Note that orders will be processed by.

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astrojargon – Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Overview

Quality Materials and Workmanship The Spike-a Bahtiov mask is made from quality light weight aluminum and machined with precision tools, then anodized black to eliminate light reflection.

Ideally, should be between – Pavel Bahtinov deserves a medal The Bahtinov Mask invented by Pavel Bahtinov, a respected Russian astro-photographer, will work with both kinds of camera by producing a distinctive ‘diffraction pattern’ in a similar manner to the way a four vane secondary mirror spider vane on a Newtonian reflector produces a four pronged star and that of a three vaned spider vane produces a six pronged star. Advanced parameters Tweak the settings to experiment, to adjust for differences in materials, or just for fun.

The latest DSLR cameras with ‘liveview’ functionality that displays a live view of the maask falling on the sensor can help somewhat but this is still not an ideal solution. Capturing an image and then looking at it on the camera’s built in screen is a step in the right direction but you can still be easily fooled by the view.

All credit for the mask goes to Pavel Bahtinov for creating the design, and to Dennis Sakva for championing it on Cloudy Nights.


Has no effect if the central obstruction diameter is 0. Basic parameters Enter these three values, press Generate! Achieving a good focus for astrophotography is a msak waste of time.

Extremely accurate focusing Visual feedback allows almost instant focusing Save money over competing focusing solutions Money back guarantee Works with all imagers High quality materials Read John Wunderlin’s Bahtinov Mask Tips “I highly recommend the Spike-a Bahtinov mask for all astrophotography systems that use bahtniov imaging systems.

Bahtinov mask takes guessing out of the equation, and it can be used also on “regular” camera lenses for astrophotography.

It is common practice to focus your maak DSLR or astro-CCD on a bright star as this star and the object you want to image will both be at infinity so getting the star in focus will ensure that the deep sky object will also be in focus.

Hilborn, Ontario Canada “Just used my Spike-a Mask last night and could not believe how effective it is. Copyright astro jargon.

Home Made Bahtinov Focusing Mask & Templates

HFD is the pixel diameter of a star in which half the energy of the star is contained. Left margin must be a non-negative number. Bahtinov Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you will need to enter three important pieces of information into the dialogue boxes, your telescope’s focal length, aperture and outside diameter of the dew shield on a refractor or the outside diameter of the front of the telescope on a reflector.

It is important to keep maask lines straight and parallel to ensure that diffraction spikes will be bright and thin. I did it by placing a metal ruler over each slot, and slicing several times over each edge, without applying too much pressure.

The most elegant ways of building the mask are laser cutting, CNC or even 3D printing. I’ve seen masks designed with slots all the way to the edge, and some that only had 5 or 6 slots, so I wanted to be flexible. With a Spike-a Bahtinov Mask, you can.


Designing a mask using drawing, design, or CAD software can be challenging, as the specifics of the mask change for each telescope based on aperture, focal length, and how you plan to attach the mask to the scope.

Open center A “doughnut” is cut out massk the central obstruction to fit over your secondary holder when checked. Sripe count must be a positive integer. Tough one to describe. Override the slot width here. Slot width override must be a positive number. Angle must be a non-negative number between 0 and I used a masking tape, making sure it’s smooth and held firmly in place.

astrojargon – Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Version

Astro-CCDs have to be connected to a PC to work and the capture software can often be used to help with achieving focus by allowing you to view the captured images at high resolution on the monitor so that you can evaluate the quality of the focus. Save Time AND Money Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a focusing solution which only works with one type of camera, or even more for a complicated computerized focusing solution. Points for a mounting ring.

Central obstruction diameter must be a non-negative number.

The value calculated for the slot width, given the focal length and the Bahtinov factor. Note that for larger apertures you’ll need to print a “mosaic” of several pages, and bahtinpv connect them together.

I have made several of these but Figure 4. Then the annoying task – cutting the plastic. If you plan to open the generated SVG with Illustrator, check this box – if you forget, you can always scale the drawing by 0.