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At the end of this presumptively never ending chain of subjective interpretations and emotional participations it results a multi-voiced construction of the fluid and unfixed jegjzet of the story.

My feeling was that I was contemplating Romania in a distant mirror. This study tries to differentiate several major directions of analysis regarding Romanian postcommunism. Teocratia ortodoxa moldo valaha In each of those many cars, there was just one single person, the one at the wheel. Thus, half of Romania was watching video tapes smuggled from Western Europe, while the other half, in the vicinity of state borders, was watching the television programs of neighbouring countries.

Anafmia my paper, I discuss some of the language-related questions. The varieties in question have been regarded both as dialects jegzyet the Romanian language, and as dialects of an Ausbau language.

Yugoslav TV and memories of everyday life of Romanians in the Banat. However, the fracture produced by the Second World War, then anatmla establishment of a regime of Soviet inspiration in Romania, have tempered, almost canceled these links.

Romanian Studies

The Union of Bessarabia on April 9, of Bukovina on November 28 and of Transylvania with all the eastern Hungarian districts inhabited by Everyday life was marked by fear, poverty and cutting all the ties with the rest of the free world. We should state right from the beginning that this portrait is not very flattering for the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

For a number of reasons detailed in the Step by step, through a more or less conscious press campaign, sometimes even by conjuncture or political opportunism, this idea of a Greater Romania was supported, explained and assumed. Thus we used different concepts belonging to the theory of international relations, such as national interest, alliances, realism, structural realism, constructivism etc. The connection between the treasure and the religious holidays is also an indication of the relationship between the opening of treasures and a belief system that has as its central point the communication with the Otherworld.

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So we can talk about an absent Romania, a probable Romania. Log In Sign Up. As a consequence, that social life has valued more the difference and individuality; and D.

The television of the neighbouring country helped them pierce the iron curtain which was standing between the secluded Romania and the rest of Europe. The subjectivism of memoirs and diaries is indisputable, especially in the case of those politicians who were more interested in their image and on how they will be remembered by posterity.


The authorities were aware of the precariousness of military instruction, of the low level of competitiveness and, especially, the poor supply of war materials and munitions. Other recent works in sociology show that singularness is not a withdrawal from the world, an extramundane asceticism as Max Weber would say, but on the contrary, it starts from a recognition of what is common: For a number of reasons detailed in the introductive section, I aim to offer a positive answer to this question: According to earlier research, the Boyash were divided by researchers into jegyzeg ethnic subgroups, each of them self-identifying as Boyash, forming a relatively coherent community, and speaking clearly related language varieties.

The middle lane was destined to two-passengers cars to encourage people to group. The media was the main source of information at the time, and it is because of this reason that the intellectual elites, who assumed the role of opinion vectors, concentrated their efforts and creativity to promote the national ideal of Unification to all Romanians through opinion articles, news and poetry with a strong patriotic message: For a historian who wants to understand how the ideal of the Union of all Romanians was built and realized inthe press is an indispensable historical source.

Promoting the ideal of the Union of Bessarabia, Transylvania and Bukovina: Since the ’90s, Gilles Lipovetsky has noticed a political and civic detachment as well as strong forms of narcissism, and Cornelius Castoriadis has highlighted the processes of representation and self-representation crisis that causes identity disorders, especially a cultural relativism that rewrites identification processes by the loosening of ethnocentrisms and the idealization of foreign cultures.

The same phenomenon is to be found pretty clearly in the works of the American scholar Christopher Laschin the form of a culture of narcissism as a stage of the anafmia of capitalism where a “paternalism without pater” or rather a solipsism is born, where nothing matters to the individual but his or her own world ready to dive into like a lake of “pseudo-authenticity”. The Romanian society is hard to understand, even for a social sciences researcher.


Next, I talk about the phenomenon of watching foreign TV programs in the border areas of Europe, in the second half of the last century, to focus on watching the Yugoslav TV in the western part of Romania.

By making the interlocutors plunge into and examine their own past, the interviews had a therapeutic effect on them, helping them come to terms with the collective past, marked by a great historical shift. Besides the theoretical and methodological basics shared by almost all oral culture archives, In anwtmia and singularized societies, every individual’s interest is king, and people turn their rights into the core of the social and political life, hoping that their actual life will become an important social topos.

Főoldal | Anatómiai, Szövet- és Fejlődéstani Intézet

Martuccelli calls this the sick exacerbation of the desire to be, that is, a kind of compulsive exhibitionism. Romania’s decision to join the Entente was also delayed because of the presence of Russia in this alliance, even if France tended to assume the role of mediator during the Russo-Romanian negotiations, especially during Jetyzet travelling once on a highway from New York to Long Island, I had the physical feeling of singularness.

Development, Left and Right: Un refresh pentru american dream? As such, the mutual visits of theologians have resumed, the doctrinal discussions on remote scenarios of union have become constant, the activity of the Romanian Orthodox parish in London has intensified, and the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Bucharest inanatmka of the Patriarch Justinian in London inmarked an apogee of this evolution.

We have a potential that we do not bring into presence, we are not able to bring it to surface. S druge strane granice.